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Interactifs is a pioneer in the field of training / coaching on relationship skills and social intelligence.

30 years ago, we developed the Interactifs Discipline© which is the product of many years of empirical observation of what people do when they express their talent and this talent is recognised by others.

We bring a fresh view of how relationships should work, a highly interactive and effective teaching approach and a totally transcultural framework.

Interactifs is now present in 8 countries, and has 80 trainers delivering training in 13 languages.

Around the world we train directors, managers, sales teams, support functions, etc. all of whom spent the majority of their time interacting and for whom this time spent is critical to their performance and their wellbeing.

Interactifs’ points of difference include:

  • The originality of our approach (the Interactifs Discipline©)
  • The effectiveness of our teaching methods
  • Our international network
  • Our expertise across different industries and market sectors
  • Our team of trainers (who train only for us)

Our ambition is to be recognised as the go-to experts in the field of social intelligence and relationship skills; and to serve our clients in this field in major markets around the world.

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