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Our history

At the beginning

The Interactifs Discipline® was developed by Philippe de Lapoyade and a group of management and communications professionals. It is the fruit of an original piece of research based on the observation, over a sustained period, of what happens when people interact.

The start-point was a simple question: “What happens when we are seen as effective communicators?”

The end-result was the identification of a certain number of constants of behaviour which allow people to interact with others in a way which produces esteem and trust as well as concrete results. Quite simply, Interactifs has applied the rigours of quality engineering to human interactions. What we do is therefore to teach people how to have better relations and better results.

We set out to raise people’s interpersonal skills to the same level of professionalism and rigour as their functional or process skills.

Using the Interactifs Discipline® means having talent day in and day out rather than just occasionally and according to circumstance.


Philippe de Lapoyade, founder of Interactifs

  • Interactions that work


A few dates


R&D programme initiated.

1989 – 2000

Birth of the Interactifs Discipline and creation of the company in Dordogne (France). Rollout of numerous projects that have marked the history of Interactifs: Credit Agricole, Renault, Capgemini, Pernod Ricard, Nestlé, Boiron, LCL, Beneteau, etc.


Following the training of approximately 5 000 staff at the LCL bank, signature of Interactifs’ first licence agreement with the Credit Agricole group’s training institute (IFCAM).


Renault selects Interactifs to implement training across its entire worldwide dealer network to accompany the Group’s “Drive the Change” programme.


Establishment of the first licencee outside France with the creation of Interactifs Turkey.


Creation of Interactifs UK, Belgium and Portugal. Publication of a chapter in the book “Value(s) and Management” (published in French at EMS Editions).


Creation of Interactifs Brazil and Spain.

Publication of “Talk Lean – Shorter meetings. Quicker results. Better relations” (Capstone Editions).


Creation of Interactifs Italy and Interactifs Poland.


Creation of Interactifs Ouest Africa in Senegal.

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98% of trainees recommend the training !

7 000 trainees per year.

75% of time interacting with others

30% of time dealing with poor quality in interactions

20% reduction in quality defects in interactions

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