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Christian Duvillet – CEO LCL group (Le Crédit Lyonnais)

“I believe that becoming more professional in the way we deal with other people, as taught by Interactifs, is one of the key success factors  for our business. The operational excellence of the bank is a function not just of our employees’ mastery of the product portfolio but of the style and the structure of their exchanges with customers and with colleagues.”



Thierry Boiron – CEO Boiron Laboratories

“I live the Interactifs Discipline® as a fundamental principle of my life, essential for my well-being and as a sign of respect for those around me. On a daily basis and in a very real sense it helps me to be more aware of the real intentions behind my conversations with other people, to structure them better, to make them simpler and more effective. For me, the Interactifs Discipline® facilitates conversations which are based on confidence in oneself and in the other person. I strongly believe that using it increases my ability to respect, with humility and sincerity, both my own thoughts and the people I’m talking to, contributing to creating a more positive environment and, in consequence, a healthier life! A big thank you to the Interactifs’ team!”



Robert Guillet – Vice President – Global Customer Development Unilever Foodsolutions

“When asked to explain why, on different occasions and in different jobs, I have had my teams trained in the Interactifs Discipline®, I thought to myself … quite simply because, every time, the impact on our business has been real and visible. It’s not always easy to be clear about the objective pursued, to be simple and direct whatever the level of the relationship, to have a logical framework for thinking, to produce concrete results on complex subjects. But with Interactifs, these skills can be learned and practiced and become a reflex that I and my teams have adopted and which continues to allow us to gain in time, effectiveness, energy spent and results achieved.”



Philippe Dauger – Senior Vice President Service and Sales quality Renault Group

“Interactifs is the only training course I’ve ever been on which is still useful to me several years on. I’ve benefited on two levels: I’m calmer and more comfortable in meetings – but I’m also faster and more effective. This is as true in my personal life as in my business life. There’s no manipulation involved: everything I’ve said holds even truer if the person opposite has also had the training.”



Bruno Cathelinais – Chairman Bénéteau Group

“The Interactifs approach is remarkable in that it removes the unsaid elements from meetings, allowing participants to get to the heart of the matter as quickly as possible and to find realistic solutions which are clearly acceptable to all. Sharing this approach with colleagues represents a real opportunity for changing a company’s culture and installing lasting effectiveness.”



Hani Ramzi – Vice President Marketing & Business Development – Alcatel Lucent

“As soon as you’ve left an Interactifs® seminar, you start playing around with these simple and practical tools which have an immediate effect. Then you start testing their effectiveness in your daily relationships, both professional and personal. And finally, you realise that you’ve learnt a discipline which is virtuous, which is productive in relationships and which is truly “universal”…”



Bernard Grumel – former HR Director of Danone CDP France

“I consider this training to be irreplaceable and extremely effective; I wish I’d known about it when I was 20! It’s the best training programme I’ve ever come across throughout my career in HR.”



Jean Marie Mayot – Senior Partner – PricewaterhouseCoopers Entreprise

“I have reaped the benefits from everything you sowed.”


Louis Vareille – Public Affairs Director – Danone Nutricia Early Life Nutrition

“20 years after having trained in the Interactifs Discipline, I now know that it has helped me to access a greater degree of happiness – the happiness that comes from a man’s freedom in saying, asking, hearing, sharing and giving.I have reaped the benefits from everything you sowed.”

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