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Alexander Karle, COO, Evaluate Group

 “The day after the first training session for the management team, we had a management meeting and we cut it down from a day and a half to a day, so immediately you get 14  times half a day, so you get a week of management time back which is hugely, hugely valuable in our business.”


Dominic Rowsell, EMEIA Pursuits Leader, Ernst & Young LLP

 “I attended the Interactifs course on Impact & Influence programme recently and it proved to be two very well invested days. I am very cynical about workshop sessions but the trainer brought with him a life of very relevant experience combined with a quick and creative attitude in working with the participants – a class act (as they say). The content of the programme itself is straight forward and pragmatic: something of immense value which can be applied at once.” 


 Memoria Lewis, Membership Director, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.

 “I can’t thank you enough for the Interactifs seminar last week.  It was a thoughtful and stimulating couple of days resulting in lasting learning. I already can sense that I approach meetings differently. I will whole-heartedly give you 100 recommendations – it is a course well worth doing in business – at any stage of one’s career.”


Charlie Waggett, Lieutenant-Colonel, HM Forces

 “Coming from a business that takes pride in developing leadership for testing circumstances in unpredictable environments, I was intrigued to discover the approach employed Interactifs to attain greater impact and influence. The course was fascinating and beneficial, and espoused effective ways of dealing with others that I utilise today. The trainer was excellent, making the process highly interactive, informative and enjoyable. I am very happy to recommend the Interactifs experience”. 


Laurence Miall d’Août, Director of TV, TalkTalk.

“I was blown away by how effective these communications tools are.”


Mike Meredith, Director, 2020 Delivery.

 “I was delighted to be able to attend your course earlier this year and am very pleased to say that, of all the courses we have procured this year, Interactifs has had the biggest impact on how we work.  Thanks!”


Carl-Johan Collett, Development Manager at First Quantum Minerals LTD.

 “I made the great decision to do Interactifs’ 2-day course on dealing more productively with other people. It was a very inspiring and productive course and probably the best two days I have ever invested. Should be mandatory for all (smart) organisations. Great value and excellently taught.”


Sir Parry Hughes-Morgan, Bt, Managing Director, The Hand-Made Cake Company.

 “I participated in an ‘Interactifs’ seminar a couple of years ago. One of the “challenging situations” that I chose to practice during the seminar was a series of meetings which we were about to start with a prominent UK-wide chain of coffee shops – an important prospective customer for us. The seminar helped me to clarify and structure my objectives in advance of each meeting and to participate in the meetings in a way that allowed the client’s concerns about trading with a new, relatively small supplier to be addressed early and openly. The clarity of the method helped me to focus naturally on the needs of the other party and to demonstrate a real willingness to listen. The meetings concluded with a first order – and the coffee-shop chain is now one of our biggest customers.”


Carol Fedida, Founder, Flower City Ltd.

 “I have been introduced to an exceptional approach for increasing my effectiveness and I will start getting the benefits from it in all my meetings both business and personal right away. Spend two days but gain one hundred at least.”


Andrew Parks, Deputy Programme Manager, Babcock International

 “I recently attended an ‘Interactifs’ seminar on ‘Impact and Influence’ and it was fantastic. The delivery was insightful and tailored to each person’s requirements. The way the seminar was run has allowed me to transition what I learnt quickly into my role.”


Adrian Rafferty, Founder, Opus Lex Consulting

 “The Interactifs’ training is highly effective – focusing on simpler, more productive and effective meetings, the coaching strategies deliver immediate results.”


Andrew Mallinson, Director, Intelliprice

 “I attended an Interactifs ‘Influence and Impact’ seminar. Trainer was a superb communicator with great people skills delivering an innovative and fascinating training programme that should reap significant benefit to my business in time.”


Rahima Valji, former Managing Director, iTravel UK

  “I had the pleasure of attending one of Interactifs’ 2-Day Communication Courses – it blew my mind. Some very simple concepts – yet so incredibly effective! We got time to test and implement the approach, which I found extremely helpful. I still use the ideas today – they have made me much more effective and I have also learned to listen better as a result. Awesome!”


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