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Our teaching approach

4 steps to reduce the distance between what we do and what we expect from others.

Philippe de Lapoyade, founder of Interactifs


  • The pedagogy


Teaching progression


Step 1


Step 2

Reach consensus with the participants (through exercises) on what makes a relationship effective, simple, direct and respectful.   Measure (through exercises) the gap between how participants interact with others day-to-day and these principles.


Step 3


Step 4

Discover (through exercises) the constants of behaviour required to reduce that gap.   Practice intensively the use of these constants of behaviour, through real business situations that correspond to the participant’s mission and objectives.


80% of the time spent on exercises

The exercises allow participants to learn the “moves” and acquire reflexes – finding along the way their own style and vocabulary – so that adoption becomes natural, immediately usable, and durable.



Compulsory figures

The participants provide the real life business situations they want to practice on. trait-vertical In some instances, the client company defines specific business situations that they want the participants to practice on in addition to the free-style exercises.
How do you speak ?

How do you interact with others ?

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One idea at a time

98% of trainees recommend the training !

7 000 trainees per year.

75% of time interacting with others

30% of time dealing with poor quality in interactions

20% reduction in quality defects in interactions

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