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How do you like to be spoken to?


How do people speak to you?

Since its creation, Interactifs has asked this question to more than 60 000 seminar participants and clients in more than 20 countries.

The universal response can be summarised as: “The message has to be simple, clear, direct, precise, concise, straight to the point, as long as it’s delivered with courtesy, respect, politeness, warmth and if possible a little humour.”

This answer is invariable, regardless of the culture, nationality, age, sex or hierarchical level of the person responding.

What changes from culture to culture or person to person is the manner of being direct while remaining courteous, polite and respectful.

We can therefore all be sure that whoever we’re talking to, this is how they’d like us to speak to them.


Too many meetings and conversations are characterised by the unspoken, the implicit, by hints, suggestions, allusions – or by plain manipulation.

This is the result – often involuntary – of the difficulty people have in reconciling “straight to the point” and “civilised”- or in being direct without being brutal.

The Interactifs Discipline® simply teaches people to reduce the gap between how they like to be spoken to and how they actually speak to other people.


“Producing results while remaining thoroughly civilised”

How do you speak ?

How do you interact with others ?

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