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In-house sessions

Tailor-made follow-up sessions including:

  • Telephone coaching :
    one-on-one telephone sessions planned in advance (typically 1 call per month over a 6 month period) with a dedicated trainer.
  • Hotline :
    calls made by the trainee, for practice in dealing with a specific situation or high stakes meeting (typically over 6 months), with a dedicated trainer. Often combined with the telephone coaching mentioned above.
  • Refresher sessions :
    1-day refresher sessions (8 participants maximum), to help the skills acquired to date become more durable.
  • 1-day theme-based sessions :
    1-day sessions (8 participants maximum) on a predefined theme corresponding to the client organisation’s current priorities (negotiation, conflict management, new business development, product launch…).
  • Hosted by  Interactifs :
    face-to-face variant on the telephone coaching. A trainer is made available for one or more days at the client offices. The trainer receives trainees for 1 hour each.
  • Field coaching (sales people) :
    accompaniment and observation of sales personnel in the field, with real-time debriefing and advice on behaviour.
  • eLearning :
    advice and content development as subject matter expert on business relationships (e.g. : product launch).

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