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“A major culture shift to drive better sales results”



Where: leading French retail bank
Who: front office and middle management
How many: from 2007
When: more than 3000


The client

LCL (Le Crédit Lyonnais) is a major French retail bank founded in Lyon in 1863. It has a network of some 2,000 branches throughout France. It is now part of the Crédit Agricole Group, France’s biggest bank and the largest retail banking group in Europe.


The mission

LCL’s management wanted to transform the bank’s culture and in particular to change the way staff deal with customers, to install attitudes and behaviours which are bolder, more engaged, more precise, more concrete – and especially more respectful of the client because based on a much greater degree of transparency regarding intentions.

Within the context of a comprehensive quality programme, LCL took the decision that this cultural shift needed to happen not only in its branch network but also in its recently created Private Bank.

Interactifs has been working with LCL to fulfill this ambition since 2007. More than 3,000 employees have so far been trained in the Interactifs Discipline, including:

  • In the branch network:
    • Front office staff (personal and small business client advisors)
    • Management (branch managers and regional managers)
  • In the Private Bank :
    • Front office staff (private client advisors)
    • Management (area managers, regional directors)


The result

The bank has been categorical in its assurances that Interactifs has had an impact on the sales and financial results of the branch network and of the Private Bank, even if it is difficult to demonstrate a direct and specific causal relationship between the improved people skills of staff and bottom line results.

Our partners at the bank are also adamant that Interactifs has had a positive impact on the organisation’s human capital, allowing them better to manage the stress inherent in their jobs, levels of which have been increasing in the recent and current economic climate.

The bank is in any event sufficiently persuaded of the return on their investment in the training to want to roll it out to the majority of its employees. The bank’s owner, Credit Agricole Group, has also taken the initiative to integrate the Interactifs programme within its in-house training institution (IFCAM), to ensure the perennity of the cultural change within LCL and to start to develop it within the Credit Agricole. To date, Interactifs has trained 18 in-house IFCAM trainers to deliver the training.



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