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Learn to deal with others more simply to produce better results

Who we work with

Business people at any level whose ability to interact effectively with the people they deal with at work is a key factor of success.


How we work with them

Via an original teaching approach (combining both face-to-face and distance learning) to instil more effective and attractive behaviours which last.


With what result

Noticeable gains in time, energy, impact, results and pleasure in daily interactions, both internal and external, formal and informal.


Simple, practical, immediately usable verbal principles

which produce results, respect – and self-respect.



We train business people at any level and in any function whose ability to communicate effectively with other people is a key factor in their organisation’s success. We work with directors, top management, salesforces and front offices – and with every level in between.


Our focus is the meetings and conversations held every day, with internal and external partners, which are the essential catalyst in any organisation for getting things done, for creating value and for building relationships.


But the productivity of those meetings is all too frequently constrained by the choice people feel condemned to make between being direct and to the point but with the risk of  being seen as curt or abrupt; or of being courteous and polite, but with the risk then of beating around the bush and losing impact and focus.


We equip people with verbal principles and behaviours (the Interactifs Discipline©) which square this circle. We increase their verbal effectiveness, their ability to both enhance relationships and produce results, in all circumstances – in client meetings, in sales meetings, in management meetings, in informal conversations. Those meetings (and relationships) are no longer polluted by the unsaid, the implicit, by hints, oblique references, invitations to read between the lines.

The results are interactions – and a working environment – which are characterised by greater productivity, more respect, more courage, more pleasure and enjoyment – and less stress.