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Groupe Bénéteau

Stop drifting with the tide !”


interactifs-beneteauWhere: Concepteur et constructeur de bateaux de plaisance
Who: D’abord l’équipe de direction, puis l’ensemble de l’encadrement opérationnel et industriel, ainsi que les fonctions support
When: A partir de 2001
How many: Environs 250 (et de nombreux autres dans le cadre d’autres opérations)


The client

Beneteau has been designing and building boats since 1884.


The mission

The General Management of the Beneteau Group told us that they wanted to “stop simply drifting with the tide”.

Beneteau proceeded top down with Interactifs. Since 2001, they have entrusted us with approximately 250 of their employees:

  • First, the executive committee,
  • Then, the entire technical and industrial management as well as support functions


The result

The directors of Beneteau recognize today that Interactifs has helped them become:

  • More effective and productive during the periods of “good weather”
  • Stronger when facing “bad weather”

Beneteau has integrated the process aspects that come with the Interactifs Discipline® in the procedures of one of their main subsidiaries, Jeanneau.

Our collaboration continues sporadically as the principles taught by Interactifs are today embedded in the corporate culture of the Beneteau Group.



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